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The tank consists of:

  • Heated double conical bottom – this enables heating the liquid in the tank evenly, complete emptying of the tank and cleaning the tank easily
  • Mixer – prevents the particulates from forming a deposit on the bottom of the tank
  • Draining and inlet valves
  • Side hatch and upper cover allowing easy access to the inside of the tank
  • The heating factor temperature control and regulation system and the system of controlling liquid temperature inside the tank
  • Outer ladder and upper platform with a shield
  • Electronic sensor of the maximum level with an alarm
  • System for monitoring liquid consumption and the amount in the tank based on pressure converter or radar sensor
  • Heated pump, preliminary cleaning filter and installation for filling one or several tanks equipped with a system of complete automatic emptying the filters and pipelines
  • Tank and pipelines heating system
  • Heat insulation of 10-20 cm mineral wool
  • Trim made of trapezoidal sheet metal